A Handout Kit For Neighbors

By Jerry D Young
Hand out kit for neighbors during short term situations:

Small wind-up SW/NOAA weather radio
Wind-up LED flashlight

12 1-liter bottles of water
Sawyer Water filter bottle w/nesting cup (purify water and cup for cooking)
Drink mixes (Emergen-C, Crystal Light/tea/coffee/hot chocolate) (to make purified water more palatable)

Allweatherfirestarters.com magnesium rod/cerro rod/striker fire starter
6-pack Bic lighters (regular fire starts and trading)
Esbit stove with fuel tabs

Jar of beef bouillon cubes (base to make anything meat-like into soup)
Picnic table size salt & pepper shakers (for seasoning food)
Jar of Tabasco sauce (for seasoning unpalatable food)

P-51 GI can opener
1 spork
3 cans roast beef w/gravy
6 packs Bridgford shelf stable bread
3 cans tuna w/packets of relish, mayo, crackers
6 Millennium ration bars
6 Hershey bars
1 bag of mixed individually wrapped hard candies & gum (mints, butterscotch, Chicklets, etc)

2 quality dust masks
1 pair inexpensive sunglasses/goggles
1 pair jersey or light leather gloves
1 Space blanket/bag
1 Lightweight poncho
1 tube sunscreen
1 tube lip balm
1 Kit of Personal hygiene items (comb, brush, dental floss, toothbrush & toothpaste, partial roll of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, deodorant, razor, feminine hygiene materials)
Camper size first aid kit (add a couple of trauma bandages to standard kit)

Deck of playing cards (to have something to do)
Set of 5 dice (Yahtze)(to have something to do)
2 pencils
2 pads paper
Just my thoughts on the matter.

One thought on “A Handout Kit For Neighbors”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to keep something on hand for your neighbors and loved ones who may come to you. If financially possible, these extra measures should be taken. No one wants to turn away Uncle Bob into the Apocalyptic nightmare because there isnt enough beans to go around.

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