How To Prevent A Bear Attack

Prevention is the best medicine. Stay on top of the food chain by letting the bears know you are in their territory. They will avoid contact with you if they have forewarning. Even if you carry a weapon which can kill a bear, you can still be easily killed by a surprise attack or face to face confrontation. A bear can withstand multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body and while dying becomes even more viscous and adrenaline filled. A bears skull can sometimes be so thick that anything short of a .50 cal handgun will penetrate it. They run and kill with lightning speed. Never underestimate the power and ferocious killing ability of a North American bear.

Rules of camp in bear country:

Always hang ALL of your food away from camp and out of reach

Burn any left over food you will not be eating.

Males urinate everywhere possible around camp though bury all feces.

Females dig a 1 foot hole and bury ALLĀ feces and ALL urine.

Keep your fire going all night if possible (See Fire Maintenance)

Camp as close as safely possible to the fire.

Rules of the trail in bear country:

Make your presence known (from a distance).

Never carry any meat or cooked food in your backpack. You dont want to smell delicious in the backcountry.

Blow through a loud whistle often and frequently yell out “Hey Bear!” Surprising a mother bear and her cubs is the number one reason for deadly and viscous bear attacks.

Wear a bell that rings when you walk or drag empty bean cansĀ behind you





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