Moonshine Transylvania Style – Survival In Romania Part VIIII

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This is Courvoisier. French cognac. Nutsy expensive: around $45 a 750 cl bottle. My husband gets one for Christmas. His brothers and friends drool over it. He shares very infrequently.

Muffins are cooked at 350F for about 25 minutes in very well greased muffin tins. Mix everything well, then gently add the blueberries at the last moment and hardly mix in at all.

The water witch is exactly as you said. He giggles, he twinkles, and loves his work. He’s a pleasure to have around. I enlarged the photograph of him with his divining rods and then had it enlarged and framed. He just bounced with delight. He hovers over a well as its being dug, and can obviously hardly wait until they hit a wet area in the soil. When it starts to flow, he’s right there encouraging them to dig further, dig fast, get buckets down to them faster to take out the soil and water. He’s found two wells for us. We have a third one that is very old, certainly over 100 years, and still producing. It fills as fast as we can empty it with a big bucket, and the standing water level is about three metres below ground level. Many people here have springs on their property so they can have fish ponds – for food, not entertainment. Our property is on the wrong side of the mountain for that… we’re stuck with wells. Even so, the water is pure and clean and tastes nice. The city water is lousy – tastes of old pipes and leaves a nasty after taste. Many many people in the city with family in the countryside take containers with them to fill with spring water for home. Water is a serious problem in this mid-Carpathian Mountain region right now. Seems more and more villages are having trouble. We’re extremely fortunate that one of ours is such a good producer – it takes the stress off the barn well during the summer.

It snowed yesterday and today, and now there’s a good 25 inches of fresh and quite packy snow outside. Happily it isn’t drifting, but its still coming down and we’re thrilled to have the water. It can snow all week if it wants to!