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A Handout Kit For Neighbors

By Jerry D Young
Hand out kit for neighbors during short term situations:

Small wind-up SW/NOAA weather radio
Wind-up LED flashlight

12 1-liter bottles of water
Sawyer Water filter bottle w/nesting cup (purify water and cup for cooking)
Drink mixes (Emergen-C, Crystal Light/tea/coffee/hot chocolate) (to make purified water more palatable) magnesium rod/cerro rod/striker fire starter
6-pack Bic lighters (regular fire starts and trading)
Esbit stove with fuel tabs

Jar of beef bouillon cubes (base to make anything meat-like into soup)
Picnic table size salt & pepper shakers (for seasoning food)
Jar of Tabasco sauce (for seasoning unpalatable food)

P-51 GI can opener
1 spork
3 cans roast beef w/gravy
6 packs Bridgford shelf stable bread
3 cans tuna w/packets of relish, mayo, crackers
6 Millennium ration bars
6 Hershey bars
1 bag of mixed individually wrapped hard candies & gum (mints, butterscotch, Chicklets, etc)

2 quality dust masks
1 pair inexpensive sunglasses/goggles
1 pair jersey or light leather gloves
1 Space blanket/bag
1 Lightweight poncho
1 tube sunscreen
1 tube lip balm
1 Kit of Personal hygiene items (comb, brush, dental floss, toothbrush & toothpaste, partial roll of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, deodorant, razor, feminine hygiene materials)
Camper size first aid kit (add a couple of trauma bandages to standard kit)

Deck of playing cards (to have something to do)
Set of 5 dice (Yahtze)(to have something to do)
2 pencils
2 pads paper
Just my thoughts on the matter.