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Strips contain (Approx: 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″) sheets of high quality denim char cloth. Each bay on the strip includes two sheets of cloth. As our product improves, sizes and materials may vary slightly.

Includes a FREE bag of char cloth scraps for your practice!

If you’re a hiker, camper, backpacker, mountain climber, prepper, survivalist, or adventurer char cloth is essential for your bug out bag, backpack, emergency survival kit, EDC, or glove box.

Extremely lightweight and rugged compact 100% waterproof packaging

What is Char Cloth?? Char Cloth, or Char Paper is a cotton or other natural fiber textile which has been converted by Pyrolysis, from its natural, or manufactured state, into a highly flammable, low flash point, but slow burning solid. It only takes one good spark to ignite the Char Cloth! If your lighter runs out of fuel, you can use the spark wheel to ignite the cloth. If you are without flint you may use any glassy hard stone to create a spark from a piece of steel. You can use a battery with very thin wires connected to the positive and negative ends. If you know how to start a fire, it only takes one sheet of char cloth and one (good) spark. Familiarize yourself with proper primitive fire making techniques as well as modern fire making methods.

Made in the USA.

This double seamed version allows you to cut both strips into individual packs of two. See our storefront for more options.

Note: When using the mini ferro rod, be sure to strike down the length of the flint, not the edge.